☭ Commie ☭


Your guide to everything ☭:


cryptw- 95% of Everything. Direct complaints/praise/questions here.

Full-time Staff:

RHExcelion- BakaBT Uploading Slave, Lazy Encoder

fnord- Licensed Editor/God of Karaoke/Lives in the jungle

Tatsukun- Professional QC, Thief, Etc

Stove- Cooks…people?

Executer- QC, Shifter, Editor, jack of all trades

3/4-time Staff:

Mishra- Half Troll/Translator | “why the fuck am i part time” <–:V

Part-time Staff:

IGChris- Chief Clusterfuck Editor, we stole him.

aethon- Editor, we stole him.

Tiggerz- Editor, Fridge Eater.

X3OY- Editor, He actually applied

FlashGordon- Editor, we stole him.

Sindalf- Timer, we stole him.

Saigyouji- Translator, Image Specialist

meki- Translator

Blekohl- Translator

Nyaa- Runs Nyaatorrents, Source of beer

Shampoo- BRB, Tacos!

epl- BD Shifting/Styling

__ar- BD :stuff:

Special Thanks:

freya- bunny.

   (`\ /`)
    \ V /
    /. .\
   =\ T /=
    / ^ \
 ()/\\ //\
 __\ " " /__

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  1. why the fuck am i part time

    Comment by siaoidiot — February 6, 2010 @ 15:45 | Reply

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