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April 7, 2010

Bantorra BDs

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I wanted to encode the BDs, but got cockblocked by this:

[08/04 13:21:18] <~cryptw> (BDMV)(アニメ)(100226)戦う司書 The Book of Bantorra 第1巻
[08/04 13:21:18] <~cryptw> パスワードはこちら↓に登録していただき、3000ポイントを現金に交換してください。
[08/04 13:21:18] <~cryptw> http://www.gendama.jp/invitation.php?frid=2670487
[08/04 13:21:18] <~cryptw> 無料ですので安心してください。
[08/04 13:21:18] <~cryptw> 交換後にミニメールより、交換した旨をお伝えください。
[08/04 13:21:18] <~cryptw> パスワードをお伝えします。
[08/04 13:21:32] <~cryptw> lightningmaiwaifu: plz2decipher
[08/04 13:24:09] <+lightningmaiwaifu> what
[08/04 13:24:11] <+lightningmaiwaifu> oh
[08/04 13:24:19] <+IGChris|studying> It says: if you want the password, cryptw has to stop being an immature 16 year old.
[08/04 13:24:48] <+IGChris|studying> onegaishimasu
[08/04 13:24:50] <+lightningmaiwaifu> cryptw
[08/04 13:24:59] <+lightningmaiwaifu> it says you have to register on that site
[08/04 13:25:02] <+lightningmaiwaifu> and get
[08/04 13:25:08] <+lightningmaiwaifu> upto 3000 points
[08/04 13:25:18] <+lightningmaiwaifu> then you give them the points for the passwords
[08/04 13:25:21] <~cryptw> derp wut
[08/04 13:25:34] <+IGChris|studying> wow, hat is straight up gay

So yeh, if anyone would be so kind as to share the password to (BDMV)(アニメ)(100226)戦う司書 The Book of Bantorra 第1巻 GNXA_1201.part1.rar, it will go well rewarded.



Night Raid’s Flash 01

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Argh! The QUARITY of the Mandarin makes me want to poke my ears out!
If you don’t know Mandarin and you need an analogy, I guess you could say it’s like Kristen’s encoding: They think they know their stuff, but to someone that actually knows it, it’s fail.

In other news, I actually bothered to do seamless typesetting (vs lazy top of screen):

April 6, 2010

Crunchyroll’s new show

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What the fuck is this shit. Mafuyu is pleased. We are not.

In other words, dropped. We’ll let DB do the BL shows.

Arakawa 01 (v2)

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Summed up by koda’s blog post: http://thatwhichwecall.wordpress.com/2010/04/05/re-kraft/

If you tl;dr, it says that she basically came up with everything (including the name), did half of it then went to sleep and some incomptent faggots did the other half. All that happened while I was asleep.

In other news, Bantorra finished. It was a great series and you should support the creators by letting it play through on CrunchyRoll. Episode 14 has been released on IRC and episode 19 will be out soon, then we will >>>>>>>>>>> BakaBT.

April 3, 2010

Encoderfags R Us

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TL;DR at bottom.

[08:05]    –>|    Hiwatari (~chanzipin@Rizon-EC61E55B.gamma175.maxonline.com.sg) has joined #commie
[08:06]    <Hiwatari>    @find eden
[08:09]    <IGChris>    Eden movie isn’t done yet.
[08:09]    <IGChris>    Unless you were just looking for the raw
[08:13]    <Hiwatari>    looking for the one by YAE
[08:13]    <Hiwatari>    preliminary db-gg one
[08:13]    <Hiwatari>    the avi version sucks
[08:13]    <Hiwatari>    the subs are too small
[08:13]    <Hiwatari>    i’m intending to edit the subs and encode it myself
[08:15]    <IGChris>    The YAE one doesn’t have any typesetting and just has poorly timed non-final subs from what I know
[08:16]    <IGChris>    Oh, so you just needed the .ass file then?
[08:16]    <IGChris>    Or were you planning to re-encode the YAE enocode?
[08:20]    <epl>    isnt the yae ver before it was qc too
[08:21]    <Hiwatari>    re-encode
[08:21]    <Hiwatari>    if it’s poorly timed, i’ll just time it again using aegis subs
[08:21]    <Hiwatari>    the subs for the avi version is too small
[08:21]    <RHExcelion|Phone>    Hurr
[08:22]    <Hiwatari>    i watch it on the tv
[08:22]    <Hiwatari>    not on pc
[08:22]    <IGChris>    Yeah, the YAE one is cryptw’s encode with some scripts I found on the gg site cause someone posted them on a thread I happened to be linked to on /a/
[08:22]    <RHExcelion|Phone>    How did people figure out YAE=us
[08:22]    <epl>    re-encode is not the best thing
[08:22]    <IGChris>    no idea
[08:22]    <epl>    unless your re-encoding off the bd iso
[08:23]    <IGChris>    ^ what epl said, I’m not gonna stop you though if that’s what you want to do
[08:23]    <RHExcelion|Phone>    But I will!
[08:23]    <RHExcelion|Phone>    STARLIGHT….
[08:26]    <Hiwatari>    well, i’ve done quite a few re-encodes
[08:26]    <Hiwatari>    with zero loss of quality
[08:26]    <Hiwatari>    most of them turn out pretty well
[08:27]    <Hiwatari>    i like to do the subs my own way
[08:27]    <Hiwatari>    really if you tested the db-gg avi version on a tv
[08:27]    <Hiwatari>    the subs is too small
[08:27]    <epl>    there is always quality lost when you re-encode
[08:27]    <epl>    no matter what you do
[08:27]    <RHExcelion|Phone>    >zero loss of quality
[08:27]    <Hiwatari>    well, very little
[08:27]    <RHExcelion|Phone>    I lold
[08:27]    <Hiwatari>    i use 3-pass encoding
[08:27]    <Tai>    You’re using lagarinth? D:
[08:27]    <epl>    3-pass encoding?
[08:27]    <Hiwatari>    yup
[08:28]    <epl>    that is pretty pointless
[08:28]    <RHExcelion|Phone>    In before megui
[08:28]    <Hiwatari>    well for me, i can see the diff btwn 2-pass and 3-pass
[08:28]    <Thesis>    there’s no real difference
[08:28]    <epl>    its like a placebo effect
[08:28]    <Thesis>    it just make you feel like there is
[08:28]    <Hiwatari>    well try using Gspot on a 2-pass video and a 3-pass one
[08:28]    <Hiwatari>    you’ll see the difference
[08:29]    <RHExcelion|Phone>    ….in what? Bitrate?
[08:29]    <IGChris>    ^^ this guy clearly is a pro encoder and knows what he’s talking about
[08:29]    <Hiwatari>    bitrate is one
[08:29]    <RHExcelion|Phone>    TASTE THE SUNSHINE
[08:29]    <Billhelm_II>    I bet he encodes for Funimation’s youtube episodes.
[08:30]    <Hiwatari>    nah lol
[08:30]    <Hiwatari>    funimation’s subs
[08:30]    <Hiwatari>    are more disappointing than fansub groups
[08:30]    <IGChris>    …
[08:30]    <Thesis>    <Hiwatari> bitrate is one <- wut?
[08:31]    <Hiwatari>    bitrate is one of the differences btwn a 2-pass video compared to a 3-pass one
[08:31]    <Tai>    um… lol
[08:31]    <Hiwatari>    it may be negligible
[08:31]    <RHExcelion|Phone>    lol ^.^
[08:31]    <Hiwatari>    but for anime videos
[08:31]    <Hiwatari>    it is true
[08:31]    <Tai>    passes are mainly to decide placement of bitrate, am i rite?
[08:31]    <Hiwatari>    i tried it and saw for myself
[08:31]    <Hiwatari>    yup
[08:31]    <RHExcelion|Phone>    What are you using to encode Hiwatari?
[08:32]    <Hiwatari>    you mean the format?
[08:32]    <Hiwatari>    i’m using xvid
[08:32]    <IGChris>    D:
[08:32]    <epl>    LOL
[08:32]    <Hiwatari>    i need to run it on a standalone
[08:32]    <IGChris>    D’:
[08:32]    <Thesis>    D=
[08:32]    <epl>    nice trolling
[08:32]    <RHExcelion|Phone>    What are you encoding it with?
[08:32]    <IGChris>    LOLLED SO HARD
[08:32]    <Tai>    lolz
[08:32]    <Billhelm_II>    This man knows his shit.
[08:32]    <Thesis>    sure xvid is lossless =3
[08:33]    <IGChris>    inb4 Hiwatari is cryptw here to troll from afar
[08:33]    <Hiwatari>    well it depends on how u resize it and stuff like that
[08:33]    <Billhelm_II>    Pfft.
[08:33]    <Thesis>    ahahahahahahahha oh wow
[08:33]    <Hiwatari>    of course if i were not to change the resolution
[08:33]    <Hiwatari>    the loss is near zero
[08:33]    <Hiwatari>    it depends on how you do it really
[08:34]    <RHExcelion|Phone>    loling so hard right now
[08:34]    <Thesis>    take note guys, being lossless depends on how you resize your stuff
[08:34]    <Hiwatari>    ok
[08:34]    <Hiwatari>    how do you guys define loss?
[08:34]    <Hiwatari>    if you are here to troll
[08:34]    <Hiwatari>    then shut the fuck up
[08:34]    <RHExcelion|Phone>    –crf 0
[08:34]    <RHExcelion|Phone>    lags
[08:34]    <RHExcelion|Phone>    Huffyuv
[08:34]    <Thesis>    Hiwatari, you are the one trolling
[08:34]    <Tai>    hyuff
[08:34]    <Hiwatari>    i’m not trolling
[08:35]    <Hiwatari>    look at what you guys are typing
[08:35]    <Hiwatari>    the “tone” and such
[08:35]    <RHExcelion|Phone>    Those are the 3 accepted formats of lossless
[08:35]    <Hiwatari>    well what are they?
[08:35]    <Tai>    hiwatari, if at xvid you have “loseless gradients” then teach me how
[08:35]    <RHExcelion|Phone>    Codecs
[08:35]    <Hiwatari>    and how do you define lossless?
[08:35]    <RHExcelion|Phone>    I just told you
[08:35]    <IGChris>    Hiwatari: I define loss a difference between the original video and the re-enocded video.
[08:35]    <Thesis>    no quality loss
[08:36]    <Hiwatari>    ok then i think Tai you may know better than me in video encoding
[08:36]    <Hiwatari>    whatever then
[08:36]    <Hiwatari>    suit urself
[08:37]    <IGChris>    Fuuuuuuuuuck when did get to be 8:36 AM
[08:37]    <RHExcelion|Phone>    Lolz
[08:37]    <Hiwatari>    same to RHExcelion too
[08:37]    <Hiwatari>    if you guys like to fuck around
[08:37]    <Hiwatari>    go fuck around yourself
[08:37]    <RHExcelion|Phone>    Hiwatari mind going to #darkhold and explainjng your version of lossless
[08:37]    <Hiwatari>    yes i mind
[08:38]    <RHExcelion|Phone>    I think they have what youre looking for
[08:38]    <Hiwatari>    i don’t like wasting time with a bunch of fucktards
[08:38]    <RHExcelion|Phone>    We’re too low level for you here
[08:38]    <IGChris>    Sorry Hiwatari, it’s a little difficult to not mess with someone who claims they can re-encode from an existing encode losslessly
[08:38]    <Thesis>    ^
[08:38]    <IGChris>    … using xvid
[08:38]    <Thesis>    IGChris, add that he does it with xvid
[08:38]    <Thesis>    yeah
[08:39]    <Thesis>    and also yeah, we are fags (?)
[08:40]    <Hiwatari>    well look at the way you guys are talking
[08:40]    <Hiwatari>    if you aren’t fags who is?
[08:40]    <Hiwatari>    anyway i’m outta here
[08:40]    <IGChris>    no, we are just guys that like to fuck around and fuck ourselves
[08:40]    <IGChris>    not fags
[08:40]    <IGChris>    totally different
[08:40]    <Hiwatari>    yea whatever
[08:40]    <IGChris>    ok, laters Hiwatari
[08:40]    <Hiwatari>    and to say u aren’t trolling
[08:40]    <Hiwatari>    ok laters IGChris
[08:40]    <Hiwatari>    thanks for the bang
[08:40]    <IGChris>    good luck with your encoding and stuff
[08:41]    <Thesis>    I guess ppl just don’t like to hear that they are doing it wrong
[08:41]    <IGChris>    I guess not…
[08:41]    <RHExcelion|Phone>    I think there are too many encoderfags in here :3
[08:42]    <IGChris>    I wish you could just rename channels
[08:42]    <IGChris>    cause that would be the perfect name for this channel
[08:42]    <IGChris>    #encoderfags
[08:42]    <Thesis>    lol
[08:45]    <edogawaconan>    lol
[08:45]    <IGChris>    oh lol
[08:47]    <Hiwatari>    no it’s not that i don’t like to hear that i’m doing it wrong
[08:47]    <Hiwatari>    like i said, it’s the “tone” of you fuckers
[08:48]    <IGChris>    Hear that? It’s the “tone” of you *fuckers*
[08:48]    <IGChris>    Goddamn cunt rag ass shit head cock fucking slut faggots watch your fucking tone
[08:48]    <commander`A>    you guys been bad boys again?
[08:49]    <IGChris>    before I do a FOURTH pass on my xvid encode!
[08:49]    <Thesis>    xD
[08:49]    <Hiwatari>    yea do a FOURTH pass on your own ass
[08:49]    <commander`A>    Hiwatari: pro tip: don’t let them get to you :p
[08:49]    <Thesis>    this chan is just too much fun =3
[08:49]    <IGChris>    I agree
[08:49]    <Billhelm_II>    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lossless_compression
[08:49]    <IGChris>    It was better when freya was in here though…
[08:49]    <Billhelm_II>    ^read that
[08:59]    <RHExcelion|Phone>    Throw up the log somewhere


April 1, 2010

Heroman 01

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sup. 2 hour release FTW.

March 31, 2010

New Shows

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Sup guys. So Crunchyroll has started announcing shows for Spring 2010. We might as well do the same.

And thus in the Commie spirit:

Show #1: Heroman

Also, joints “We encode, you do everything else” ‘s this season:
Ikkitousen with Ryuumaru
Angel Beats with Tortoise

“You translate, we do everything else” ‘s

None yet. Apply today!

Coming up :soon:
Eden of the East, King of Eden
Fate/stay night, Unlimited Blade Works
Nanoha the Movie 1st

March 27, 2010

Shin Koihime Musou ~Otome Tairan~

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Localised as True・Unrivalled†Love Princess ~Chaotic Maidens~

Our first non-joint project of the new season!

99.99% chance CR will pick this up, so we’ll probably be continuing it.


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What is this show I don’t even…

We’re doing a joint with the fastest group out there and providing them with a good encode.

Ultimate aim: to troll BakaBT into accepting supposedly (the only thing I’ve watched from Ryuumaru is LvB episode 1 which was in fact shit, I don’t know about the rest of their stuff) cruddy translations (lol translations for fanservice shit) by putting a good encode with it.

And also joints are less :effort: because I don’t have to do anything with the script unlike CR rips.

We’re still accepting joints for any of next/this season’s crap. We provide encode within 6 hours of airing (usually less) and you provide the rest and we provide QC if you want.

March 26, 2010

Omamori Himari

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It’s over.

Batch + BakaBT soon.

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