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April 30, 2010

Angel Beats 05

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3-4 coming up soon, hopefully.

Tortoise bailed.

ヽ(´ー `)ノ


We need a SKY PerfecTV! e2 capper

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We are planning on doing the Winter Sonata Animation Japanese dub, which airs some time in Spring 2010.

There are a few reasons for doing this:

1) Frostii’s encoding was cancer:

2) No hard subs on the video


1) ZOMG DUB. SHIT SHIT SHIT. <—— We can mux Frostii’s audio track in

2) No one we know can receive SKY PerfecTV! e2 channels. If you can, or know some one who can, receive those channels, specifically Sukachan HD, please PM cryptw on irc.rizon.net. Proper compensation can be arranged.


3) Most people that fit the bill for problem #2 probably don’t have very good English. We need someone to translate this post into Japanese.

April 25, 2010

Banned Words/Phrases

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Following is a list of words that lolsociety thinks that the world should never use anymore because they got stolen by 4chan-ville and hence, despite their normality, their use would be considered trolling.



over nine thousand

I see what you did there.

What is this? I don’t even…

Feels good, man.

So I heard

I’m X and what is this?

Cool story, bro.

April 24, 2010

Recruiting Timers

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Somehow we managed to get a metric fuckton of editors, so we need timers now.

Main job will be to time the typed up FUNI subs for Five Leaves and Yojouhan on Friday mornings (Japan time).

April 18, 2010


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The TL forgot about the preview, then disappeared, so I’d rather not stall this for another day/two/three over a few lines.

Also, if anyone has a full .ts of this (including ED and preview), please PM cryptw on Rizon so I can v2 this. Due to capping :problems:, the ED and preview of this release came from a Share raw.

April 16, 2010


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We’re recruiting TLCs, Editors and QCs for the following shows, in priority order:
– Night Raid
– Arakawa
We also accept joints from other groups.
Anyone who is interested, please PM RHExcelion on irc.rizon.net


April 13, 2010

Encoderfags #2

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Hello, Gentlemen,

I would like to announce that Kristen has radicalized our world view on encoding with this post: http://www.chihiro-subs.com/2010/04/13/k-on-01-released-2/
<~cryptw> RHExcelion|Laptop: http://img227.imageshack.us/img227/7333/kristenfilterpreivtc261.png
<~cryptw> RHExcelion|Laptop: it's official!
<~cryptw> ikkitousen is 1080p
<~cryptw> commander`A: we're v2ing
<~cryptw> everything
<commander`A> LOL
<@RHExcelion|Laptop> Awwww yeahhhh
<commander`A> no :p
<commander`A> it's 4:3 you know
<@RHExcelion|Laptop> What was the exact filtering cryptw?
<~cryptw> RHExcelion|Laptop: PM
<~cryptw> now
<~cryptw> i shall prove
<~cryptw> angel beats 1080p
<~cryptw> despite all this shit
<~cryptw> airing in 1080i
<~cryptw> and common knowledge stating 1080i < 1080p
<~cryptw> it's still 1080p
<~cryptw> don't argue with Kristen's Patent Pending Magic Comparison Filter
<~cryptw> angel beats: http://img72.imageshack.us/img72/6005/kristenfilterpreivtc426.png
<~cryptw> OH MY
<~cryptw> THAT'S A DISASTE
<+shirohamada> psnr doesn't work that way
<~cryptw> cowteats: we're v2ing angel beats
<~cryptw> cowteats: as 1080p
<Billhelm_II> <~cryptw> don't argue with Kristen's Patent Pending Magic Comparison Filter <--- fucking lol

<onii_chan> cryptw: someone pasted what you said a moment ago and after reviewing these comparisons I have noticed a major detail
<onii_chan> http://i39.tinypic.com/20sy4hy.png
<onii_chan> this detail will be lost if you downscale!
<+cowteats> anyway, do anything you want and have fun ;p
* onii_chan is now known as tbs-logo-chan
<tbs-logo-chan> oh no! it won't fit!
<tbs-logo-chan> doshiouuuuu
<~cryptw> on: ROFL!!!!!!!!!
* tbs-logo-chan is now known as onii_chan
<FlashGordon> i like this guy he's hilarious and afraids of nothing
<onii_chan> holy fuck
<onii_chan> I'm onto something here
<onii_chan> http://i44.tinypic.com/30mwtw0.png
<Zdm321> lol
<onii_chan> gentlemen it appears we have been missing out on penises this entire time by encoding 720p
<commander`A> LOL
<~cryptw> haha

Never mind that it airs at 1080i, it MUST be 1080p, so henceforth we will be releasing everything as 1080p in order to preserve those precious penises in the video.

Thanks for your attention.

April 10, 2010


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Oops. We forgot to hard sub staff credits onto the video, so we MUST be trolling.

To mitigate that, here they are.

Translation – mekishikonoanon
Editing – crypt
Timing – crypt
TLC (sort of) – cowteats
Encoding – crypt
Karaoke – No One
Typesetting – crypt
Guy who hard subs staff credits onto the video – No One
Troll – RHExcelion

Enjoy, fags.

April 7, 2010

Bantorra BDs

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I wanted to encode the BDs, but got cockblocked by this:

[08/04 13:21:18] <~cryptw> (BDMV)(アニメ)(100226)戦う司書 The Book of Bantorra 第1巻
[08/04 13:21:18] <~cryptw> パスワードはこちら↓に登録していただき、3000ポイントを現金に交換してください。
[08/04 13:21:18] <~cryptw> http://www.gendama.jp/invitation.php?frid=2670487
[08/04 13:21:18] <~cryptw> 無料ですので安心してください。
[08/04 13:21:18] <~cryptw> 交換後にミニメールより、交換した旨をお伝えください。
[08/04 13:21:18] <~cryptw> パスワードをお伝えします。
[08/04 13:21:32] <~cryptw> lightningmaiwaifu: plz2decipher
[08/04 13:24:09] <+lightningmaiwaifu> what
[08/04 13:24:11] <+lightningmaiwaifu> oh
[08/04 13:24:19] <+IGChris|studying> It says: if you want the password, cryptw has to stop being an immature 16 year old.
[08/04 13:24:48] <+IGChris|studying> onegaishimasu
[08/04 13:24:50] <+lightningmaiwaifu> cryptw
[08/04 13:24:59] <+lightningmaiwaifu> it says you have to register on that site
[08/04 13:25:02] <+lightningmaiwaifu> and get
[08/04 13:25:08] <+lightningmaiwaifu> upto 3000 points
[08/04 13:25:18] <+lightningmaiwaifu> then you give them the points for the passwords
[08/04 13:25:21] <~cryptw> derp wut
[08/04 13:25:34] <+IGChris|studying> wow, hat is straight up gay

So yeh, if anyone would be so kind as to share the password to (BDMV)(アニメ)(100226)戦う司書 The Book of Bantorra 第1巻 GNXA_1201.part1.rar, it will go well rewarded.


Night Raid’s Flash 01

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Argh! The QUARITY of the Mandarin makes me want to poke my ears out!
If you don’t know Mandarin and you need an analogy, I guess you could say it’s like Kristen’s encoding: They think they know their stuff, but to someone that actually knows it, it’s fail.

In other news, I actually bothered to do seamless typesetting (vs lazy top of screen):

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