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January 30, 2010

Perfect Dark

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(Before anyone asks, yes, this is the reason for Omamori Himari and Book of Bantolla delays.)

So, for those unfamiliar with the matter, the following can be discerned from ANN (stuff in parentheses are my own):
– Some guy was arrested over the uploading of anime, including Fullmetal Alchemist, to Perfect Dark.

Thanks ANN. That’s some quality, detailed journalism.

Now, onto the stuff I can discern from my own research (includes speculation):

Sauce 1: http://news.google.com/news/search?aq=f&um=1&cf=all&ned=au&hl=en&q=%E4%B8%B8%E6%A9%8B%E9%9A%86%E8%A1%8C

It has be decently well covered in mainstream Japanese media.

His name is 丸橋隆行 (Takayuki Maruhashi) and is 37 years old. Someone on the PD .ts board (this is like a thread for western forum users) speculated that his tripcode @tm=KXGyctx3a8Q-De+wN93-54k0Cae was derived from his initials (western name order). Someone by the tripcode @chibi=2fdkIto6RBjHTwoBsHuD+qCWGO1 appeared on PD just after @tm seemed to have disappeared (start of December last year), and seemed to upload the same things that @tm did, as well as use the same filename format and keywords in the upload. (@chibi also seems to not have uploaded anything since the arrest, leading me to believe that it is him).

Now for rumours that I have heard on IRC (Rizon):

– PD has been “cracked”

I’ll assume that “crack” means the ability to discern the original uploader of a file. Basically, PD has a system called “unity” whereby every node on the network will automatically download and upload pieces of random files without intervention. It renders it impossible to determine with 100% certainty which node introduced a particular file to the network, since the uploading mechanism sends different pieces of the file to different nodes. I’m sure there are ways of finding out, such as downloading multiple files from the same tripcode and seeing which node sends you the most data and is statistically most likely to be the original uploader, etc., but the unity system still has created plausible deniability.

– External means

Someone on IRC suggested that he was posting on BBSes (forums) about what he did, so police got his IP from those forums, then proceeded to his ISP, etc.

If anyone knows any information on this, or knows Japanese and wants to translate (or summarise) some of the Japanese news sauces or the relevant posts on the Perfect Dark board (after 2010-01-26).


January 28, 2010

[gg-Commie-Ryuumaru] Katanagatari – 01

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Origin of Project:

<[Chihiro-SFW] joint drama here>

<RHExcelion> anyways on the subject of joints
<RHExcelion> i think its time for another commie-something-somethingelse-lolwtfisthisshit joint

<more scheming>

<cryptw> freya: want to be in a 9001-way joint?
<freya> … what
<cryptw> your job can be to sit there in the filename
<freya> oh, ok

<cryptw> this is gonna be the hugest clusterfuck ever

Why gg loves hates us:

<Kanae> [hihi ^_^] – [gg-Commie-Ryuumaru-Tsubaki-DotA-Rage-O-L-Kanketsu-Hen-Testarossa-BulletBuster-Exe] Katanagatari – 01 [2651B538].mkv – /MSG Kanae XDCC SEND 192
<RHExcelion> awesome
<valkyrie> time to go post on gg’s webpage saying i have no idea what that is
<RHExcelion> D:


<valkyrie> well you faggots took
<valkyrie> like
<valkyrie> 9hrs
<valkyrie> to do “stuff”
<valkyrie> and it was a hilarious clusterfuck for the few hours i was in here
Mission Success.
( ´・‿-) ~ ♥

Edit 1: v2 ( ゚◡◡゚)

Edit 2: v3 ( ¯3¯)

Edit 3: v4 (゚Дº)

Edit 4: v5 (╬ಠ益ಠ)

Edit 5: v6 ( ´A`)

Edit 6: v7 (  ゚,_ゝ゚)

Edit 7: v8 (;´д⊂)

Edit 8: v9 。・゚・(ノД`)・゚・。

Edit 9: Okay fuck it 12 versions = too much work.


The Real Deal:



Edit 9001: Oh yeah btw, we’re still recruiting translators for this, drop  by #commie@irc.rizon.net or make a comment here.

January 12, 2010

Natsu no Arashi! Tea

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Our resident Natsu no Arashi! obsessive discovered this while trolling 2ch (or something).

Yes! That’s right! Hakobune Red Tea!

It’s being sold at Yahoo! Auctions for a 300 yen starting bid (plus postage and handling obv). Apparently they were sold or given away at event in Ookurayama (wherever that is).


[12/01 22:47:10] <+Daniel_Lind> Ookurayama is where Natsu no Arashi happens
[12/01 22:47:11] <+Daniel_Lind> ;\

EDIT2: Google Maps keeps telling me it’s meant to me Okayama, so I asked for clarification. As you can tell, he’s from Soviet Russia.
[12/01 22:54:23] <+Daniel_Lind> http://maps.google.ru/maps?f=q&source=s_q&hl=ru&q=%E5%A4%A7%E5%80%89%E5%B1%B1%E9%A7%85%EF%BC%88%E5%85%B5%E5%BA%AB%EF%BC%89&vps=1&jsv=198a&sll=55.354135,40.297852&sspn=26.261066,86.572266&ie=UTF8&geocode=FcY-EQIdf5kOCA&split=0

What’s more?! It’s pink (koda’s (2nd) favourite colour).

So like, apparantly the guy is too cheap to pay the $40 postage and handling to taste the merchandise of his favourite animu, so meh.

In other news:

[12/01 20:21:47] <~freya> http://www.japanator.com/hey-guys-pirating-anime-is-wrong-says-operation-tafap–13056.phtml
[12/01 20:21:50] <~freya> http://www.japanator.com/waging-a-culture-war-against-piracy-13058.phtml

Well, I tried doing what it suggested, and this is the outcome:

Just to add, I did still let it play right through to support the creators of moeshit (and kill the animu industry). But that’s OK, because I am also letting Book of Bantorra play to the end.

January 10, 2010

Obligatory Reply to tl;dr

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OK. I’ll start by pasting this, so I automatically get a free link here:


Now that’s out of the way, I’ll just pick the relevant parts.

Sam: Good question. Pardon the wordy answer… I wasn’t just a normal physics phd. I got my phd in string theory. You know, the super ultra complicated theory of everything that people are so excited about.

Thanks. Now I’m gonna waste 2 hours clicking around Wikipedia.

Jaka: We also have noticed from the question about those ripping groups, you sound like you have a grudge against them. Is there really that much hate for groups such as Commie/HorribleSubs/etc?
Sam: Uh, well their stated purpose is to “piss off Crunchyroll”. I can’t jab back? Trust me, CR knows about them and if they ever get bought out by a company with a legal department, the hammer will fall.

Just to clear shit up. Commie’s stated purpose isn’t to “piss off Crunchyroll” (I always thought it was capitalised “CrunchyRoll”, but meh). In fact, I don’t even know what our purpose is. I think like, we encode shit, and since it doesn’t take much more effort, we’d might as well put subs on it. And also, real life is getting pretty busy, so we’re probably going to be doing less and less stuff, and we’ll probably end up becoming one of those obscure DVD/BD encoding groups.

Sam: Well, they’ve licensed a crap load of Korean and Chinese drama and almost no Japanese drama.
Jaka: Oh, I thought it was mainly Japanese. Guess I thought wrong.
Sam: The dramas are anywhere from 10-1 years old. They have a close relationship with MBC (Korea) and a Chinese TV station.

No simulcasts?

Jaka: I forgot if this were mentioned on your interview – what’s CR business model like… as in, they split the revenues with the mother companies, right?
Sam: CR’s business model is a hybrid subscription/ad-based revenue share. Let’s take the subscriber part first. All that money goes into a pot. The total number of minutes spent watching each show by subscribers is calculated. So “Naruto 312 has a total of 123456 subscriber minutes in Q2″ or whatever and the pot of money is split up to the various different Japanese companies in proportion. Then CR takes it’s cut (which varies with each contract, obviously) and the Japanese get the rest. The ad-based model is more usual: Total ad revenue is reported to CR by the ad-serving company for each video… It’s added up and split up based on the ad-based revenue split (which is often different than the subscriber one).
Jaka: I see.
Sam: The good news with this is that people who subscribe and like, JUST watch Naruto can be happy knowing that all their money ends up going to the people that make Naruto.

That was a bit tl;dr. But basically what I see is that instead of just ripping the subs (which means the video plays for about 2 seconds) (actually, it’s more conveinient to just get the subs from [CrunchyRip] (Note: I have no affiliation with them)), I should now be letting the video run to completion so that more $$$ or ¥¥¥ get to the companies that make the anime that I actually like (not Naruto). So the tl;dr of what I said is: I leave The Book of Bantorra playing in Firefox, but for the rest of the crap I just shut it off right after I’ve got the subs. Thanks for that information, Quarkboy. (Sorry, I don’t like Letter Bee, or Cobra).

Sam: CR actually did a LOT of damage control after that. All the clients at CR got really jittery worried that the same thing would happen to them. You see, to Japan “the internet” is this amorphous scary thing. They don’t really know the difference between Funi or CR or youtube.

Says the country with 1 Gbps fibre-to-the-home.

Sam: So the head of CR in Japan actually went around giving a power point presentation about CR’s super ultra security systems to calm nerves, which included a pretty careful breakdown of what happened to Funi and why it wouldn’t happen with CR. It was seen as a bit “out of line” though and it didn’t really help CR much. Not very Japanese to jump on other company’s giant errors.

Just like me jumping on Kristen or Spielgel’s encoding right? Anyway, ETA till someone breaks CR’s super mega ultra security. Prob. their administrators have a dictionary password or something. idk

Sam: I think most of them are aware of the ripping sites. Their existence is a good argument to press for a fully ad-based model. Free from day one for everyone + worldwide rights. You blame (rightly so) the existence of the sites on region locking and the subscriber lock out window. So basically you say “hey, see those? You want to get rid of them? Get us global rights and day 1 free streaming”.
Jaka: So the 7 day members only thing is a Japanese requirement?
Sam: Well, yeah basically, but to be honest it was the right move. The ad revenue is not enough yet. Without the subscription based model the site would’ve gone bankrupt a while ago.
Jaka: I would imagine such a site would take up a large amount of bandwith and therefore money.
Sam: The money is in the licensing costs, not the bandwith.
Jaka: Oh.
Sam: And translation costs, too. And the biggest one for CR is just overhead from salaries and office rental. Having a Japanese branch is expensive. Bandwith is dirt cheap lately.

Jaka showing his lack of :clue: on bandwidth. Why would CR, a “silicon valley startup”, waste money on a Japanese office when they could just do it all onli… Oh wait: >”amorphous scary thing”

And koda said something about that actually meaning HS (and prob. Commie to a lesser extent, but we’re more relevant to something later) are somehow helping CR.

[10/01 14:41:35] <@freya> ol
[10/01 14:41:44] <@freya> actually
[10/01 14:41:50] <@freya> idk how much im supposed to say but like
[10/01 14:41:52] <@freya> re-rip groups like you
[10/01 14:41:53] <@freya> and HS
[10/01 14:41:59] <@freya> help crunchy
[10/01 14:43:40] <@freya> but it would please japan if they stopped
[10/01 14:43:58] <@freya> uhh you know how people’s like big complaint about crunchy is that it’s not in my region?
[10/01 14:44:45] <@freya> if rip groups continue to exist, crunchy can use you as an example
[10/01 14:44:48] <@freya> for reasons to go ad based
[10/01 14:44:53] <@RHExcelion> i figured that they would know how to use a PROXY though
[10/01 14:45:04] <~cryptw> ic ic
[10/01 14:45:18] <~cryptw> wait, what does “ad based” mean?
[10/01 14:45:30] <@freya> worldwide rights & ad based model
[10/01 14:45:32] <~cryptw> so no memberships?
[10/01 14:45:39] <@freya> like when you watch a stream and you get cockblocked by an ad
[10/01 14:45:43] <@freya> yeah no membership
[10/01 14:45:43] <~cryptw> oh, that
[10/01 14:45:46] <@freya> no 1 week thing
[10/01 14:45:50] <@freya> that’s their ideal thing

Hi Japan! Everything seems to end up getting blamed on you, so like just give CR what they want so we can stop existing. Off Topic: koda is in #commie now for some reason, so the :activity: in there is now much more interesting than RHE and I blogging about encoding, so drop by or something.

Jaka: What are your insights of that Bandai Kurokami thing?
Sam: I know a lot about that. What specifically?
Jaka: Please do tell us about it. How did it come about? How did it end up on CR? Whose dumb idea was it to air it on iaTV only? Was it like, Bandai picked a sacrifical goat show to experiment with or something?
Sam: Bandai Ent. wanted to be helpful and set up the Kurokami streams which was seen mainly as advertising for the upcoming disc releases, except of course Bandai in Japan delayed and delayed. Then there were politics. The failure in Japan to sell hardly anything and horrible reception caused Bandai to stall. Then the horrible decision to go dub only on the blu-ray (reverse importation fears that make no sense).
Jaka: Lol.
Sam: Kurokami was an experiment, sure, but it was a horribly executed one. I can only hope that the people in charge are fired, but it’s Bandai so I doubt it.

I love dubs.

Jaka: I see. A half serious question: Doesn’t it reflect badly on loljapan when an “amateur” can encode from a .ts and the result is better than the “official” goods they get given and publish on the site?
Sam: They don’t know, and when I explained it to them and showed it to them… Yes, they were very upset. This happened at two different occasions. It visibly upset the person one time.
Jaka: Go ahead.
Sam: No, that’s all I’ll say.
Jaka: Oh, nvm then.
Sam: But generally encoding is something that almost everyone is ignorant of here, except the editing studios which act like black boxes. CR has done a lot of good in educating people on that, and so have I.
Jaka: I think one of the biggest complaints about being anti-streaming is that the video is terrible. Funimation hardsubbing subs in particular comes to mind. Is Japan/Funi going to make any effort to improve?
Sam: Only if it is shown to improve the profits. I just spent a while explaining the difference between hardsubbing and soft subbing to Bandai Channel. There’s a lot of education to be done. I wasn’t really aware of too many people complaining about Funi’s hard subbing… isn’t the video stream itself so low quality that it hardly makes a difference? Actually I’m region blocked so I haven’t seen it lately, heh.

Yes, Jaka is correct. We’re amateur encoders. Go download Chihiro’s fabulous professional(tm) encoding instead. I’m having a bit of trouble deciphering Quarkboy’s :grammar: I can’t tell if they’re upset that their official shit looks shitter than our encodes, or they’re upset that we’re doing these encodes in the first place. That aside, I watched Book of Bantorra 14 on CrunchyRoll due to @chibi on PD having problems capping that episode from ANIMAX. (Well technically I downloaded HS, since Bantorra isn’t available to Australia, but I did get my Amerikan friend to log onto my CR Anime Account and let Bantorra play right through so that I’m supporting teh animu creators). The Crunchy video quality has improved quite considerably since I last checked it (Natsu no Arashi! S1) to a point where it’s better than Chihiro encodes and most Share raws (but still not as good as most fansub encodes from .ts), and to non-encoders it should be an acceptable quality level. This means that I’ll probably stop bothering with this ripping business after this season and just watch stuff on CR (and unlike those 5 year old whiners on the CR forums, I know how to use a proxy).

Right, I think that covers everything.

EDIT: I forgot. You should watch stuff (or at least let it play through) on CrunchyRoll, so that Japan gets to find out the sort of anime you like (if it’s Tegami Bachi, COBRA or Chu-Bra, then please give it a miss), and you can “support” them. To be honest, them paying me 5c for 3 months of Anime Membership is a pretty good deal, and even their regular pricing is quite good. (Where else can you instantly access 9001 episodes of :stuff: for $7. (Protip: Torrents aren’t instant. Especially old stuff)).

January 8, 2010

Book of Bantorra Pending

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No, Bantorra is not dropped. We have it in from reliable sources(tm) that the capper fucked up capping episode 14 and that it will re-air on Jan 18th. For the few of you that actually follow us, we recommend for you to watch Horriblesubs if you cannot wait until then.

EDIT by Crypt: We will be releasing 15 and future episodes as usual. No, we will not be holding back so we can do a dodecadrugal release or whatever shit (Yes, when lolslow groups do quadriple releases or whatever, it means that they’ve held back). We believe that if shit gets done, you should have the option to see it. No one is forcing you to skip episode 14, or watch HorribleSubs or anything, you are free to wait for us or (lol) Fubuki.

EDIT 2: Episode 14 is a SUMMARY EPISODE, which means all it has are LOLFLASHBACKS. Thus you should continue your Animu Watching Expedition(tm) and proceed to the next stop of Episode 15.

January 5, 2010

About Chu-Bra:

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First episode won’t be released.

January 4, 2010

How to nicely resize videos on playblack

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OK, so basically you’re a rich faggot like RHE who has a monitor that has like >= 1080 lines of vertical resolution or something. You open up a 480p animu in MPC HC, full screen it, and find that it looks like shit, and the edges of the subtitles look like they’ve been chewed by your dog, spat out, then chewed again.

The first option is to use a renderer in MPC HC that has a good resizer, like madVR or Haali’s Renderer. That’s all great, but subtitles are rendered onto the video before it reaches the renderer, so while the video is OK, the subtitles still look crap.

A solution here is to use MPC HC’s internal subtitle renderer, which renders the subs straight onto the screen (after the video passes the renderer), but if your monitor isn’t exactly the same aspect ratio as the video that you’re watching, soft-subbed typesetting will be in the wrong place (loltypesetting).

So if you haven’t figured by now, we need to resize the video to what we want before the subtitles are rendered onto it. The solution is to use ffdshow’s AviSynth filter.

Once you have a video open, double click that little red “FFv” icon in your system tray. In the list of stuff on the left, tick and select “AviSynth”, then fill it out as per this screenshot (don’t worry, you’ll get the text to copy and paste in a moment).

The text is:

mon_width = 1280.
mon_height = 800.
tar_width = mon_width
tar_height = 1.0*mon_width/width*height

(tar_height > mon_height) ? Eval("""
    tar_height = mon_height
    tar_width = 1.0*mon_height/height*width
""") : last

spline36resize(int(tar_width)/2*2, int(tar_height)/2*2)

Please change the first 2 lines to reflect your monitor’s horizontal and vertical resolution respectively. It is important to leave the full stop (.) at the end of the line. Now click OK on that dialog box. You’re done. Return to your video, full screen it, and enjoy the properly resized video and crisp subtitles.

But wait! I don’t use ffdshow, I use CoreAVC!

Not a problem. Go to your MPC HC options and do this:

Then select it in the list and click the “Prefer” radio button.

Restart MPC HC and play a video and you will now get the red “FFv” icon in your system tray. Now follow the instructions from the top of this post.

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