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November 30, 2009

Open for Business 08 (v2 720p)

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Yes that’s right!

According to our 2ch liaison, they accidently aired it in proper HD or something, so a 720p encode is coming right up!

(They reverted to upscaled in episode 9, and they decided to screw with the telecining as well).

EDIT: Oops. I accidently blogged it as episode 07 on TT. I meant episode 08.

EDIT 2: SHAFT are now bringing your their quality animation in HD:


November 29, 2009

Bantorra 09

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OK, BS11 has more actual content (preview and ads) and cleaner lines, but it blurred the crap outta the details, so we are looking for someone who can cap and upload .ts raws from ANIMAX. Please PM cryptw on Rizon.


Letter Bee 09

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1) We need an ANIMAX capper so that we can release Book of Bantorra with the proper quality and speed. Please PM cryptw on Rizon if you are or know one.

2) Watching fantasy animu is like watching someone play an RPG (yes, contrary to SOMEONE’S beliefs, I do actually watch the anime that I encode (except White Album and 11eyes))

3) WTF. Letter Bee has covered three, yes, that’s right, three, major, but short, plot points in nine episodes. Even Pokemon covers one plot point an episode (IIRC from 10 years ago). So far it’s covered:

  • Delivering Lag
  • Lag becoming a Bee
  • Discovering Gauche is most likely dead (that wasn’t a spoiler since they’ve already been mentioning it since like… what? 3 episodes ago?)

4) And just to re-iterate, we need an ANIMAX capper. Please PM cryptw on Rizon if you are or know one. We had to use BS11 this week, which has inferior video quality in this instance, due to lol PD not being in a good mood.

5) We won’t be adding any stuff to the bot until I am done with server migrations (probably Monday or Tuesday).

November 28, 2009

Akinaichuu/Open for Business Pun

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Here’s how our TL for the OP/ED explains it:
[28/11 22:37:56] I don’t think I have ever seen Arashi 2 subtitle joke explained
[28/11 22:38:19] It’s actually written 春夏冬中 with given reading “akinai chuu”
[28/11 22:38:29] first three kanji are “spring”, “summer” and “winter”
[28/11 22:38:31] with no autumn
[28/11 22:38:35] autumn would be “aki”
[28/11 22:38:40] no autumn = “aki nai”
[28/11 22:38:49] akinai means “business”, obviously

Akinaichuu! 07v2

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Changed some stuff.

Most of by blogging will be done directly on TokyoTosho from now on, since I make enough releases to actually get across anything I need to.

But I forgot to mention this:
PD has become shit again and we don’t have an ANIMAX capper, so Book of Bantorra is delayed.
On that note, if anyone knows someone that can cap .ts raws from ANIMAX, please PM cryptw on Rizon.


November 24, 2009

Akikan! OVA

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A few notes.

COMPLETELY soft subbed.
Translation from TSSMA.
MASSIVE editing by me.
OP from CoalGuys.
ED from Commie’s translator.

If you want to see the original hard subbed moonrunes in the ED, disable subtitles. I covered them up for the ultimate smooth localised viewing experience.

November 22, 2009

Blue Literature 05 – In the Woods Beneath the Cherry Blossoms in Full Bloom 01

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WARNING: This is a bit tl;dr, so I bolded the important points.

Masterpiece‘s subs on an encode that doesn’t suck, signs copied and soft subbed, retimed karaoke, insert song and OP soft subbed, etc. It was quite a bit of effort. Not to mention no lol 7 MB font. No stupid hardsubbing (implying all hard subbing is stupid) or (A)dvanced (F)aggotry e(X)perinece. About the OP karaoke, the show already has a hard subbed one, so if you’re weeaboo enough to want karaoke, you’re weeaboo enough to read the runes. I did include the ED karaoke though.

So basically, I think this show is too good to deserve the hardsubbing and bad encoding that Masterpiece was giving it, but our editor assured me that their subs are top notch (but I still had to edit a few lines), so big thanks to them for the subs. Oh, BTW, if you’re from Masterpiece and you object to us using them, please let us know and we’ll gladly continue doing it (for as long as we need/want to). 🙂

TL bailed on us after episode 1, so this seemed like the best option, since I have an encode that won’t hurt my eyes along with decent subs to watch, and I’m only posting it as a nice benefit to everyone else.

Yes, that means if you’re gonna flame about stealing subs and how you’re oh too principled to download this release or whatever, then just realise that other people don’t care.


PS. Someone please tell Masterpiece’s encoder about:

  • Banding
  • Blocking
  • VFR
  • Grain (particularly how it impacts bitrate requirements)

PPS. After watching, it seems relevant to my interests, since it appears to explore belonging.

November 21, 2009

Book of Bantorra 08

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18 hour-ish release, even without a capper. For some reason Perfect Dark was being really fast today.

November 20, 2009

Natsu 07 & Koihime 07

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I figured out what was wrong with the audio. A v2 will be out soon.

Koihime 07 released (before any other group).

November 16, 2009

Bunch of Stuff

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White Album 19 – Been sitting around. Forgot to release it.
Letter Bee 07 – Released
Book of Bantorra 07 – Released

Natsu no Arashi – Tomorrow

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