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October 30, 2009

Stuff that’s happening at the moment

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– Letter Bee 04: Script stuff Done and caught up!
– Asura Cryin’ 16 (HQ): Queued behind Letter Bee Script stuff Done and waiting for BS11 episode 17 to show up on PD
– Shin Koihime Musou 04: Encoding (should be done by the time RHExcelion wakes up) Done and caught up


White Album 17 – Encoding


October 26, 2009


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No idea what Yunno is doing with Letter Bee, so just PM your complaints to him.

Book of Bantorra 03 and Asura Cryin’ EX015 (high quality BS11 airing) tomorrow.

October 25, 2009

White Album 16 / Yoku Wakaru Gendai Mahou HD

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OK, standard White Crap. If you were smart you would’ve just got another script and watched it with CommieRaws, but meh.

As for Yoku Wakaru Gendai Mahou, “Kids Channel” is airing this show with 720p equivalent quality, so we will be doing encodes of it. Our release will just be the script we already used, maybe some editting and cleanup, a font change or 2, and of course ordered chapters, in line with the Commie principle of giving you the freedom to choose what YOU want to watch.

So far 3 episodes have aired (I can’t believe I didn’t notice earlier), and the fourth will air on the 28th. (That sounded weird).

We are also still waiting for Blu-Ray or DVD of the web special to save you from the eyecancer experience. (That being said, if someone does upload the Blu-Rays, we will be prefering those over the kids channel).

October 21, 2009

Asura Cryin’ 12

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OK, back to using BS11. 13 coming up, 14 when it’s ready.

Letter Bee 03

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OK, so I got damn bored with this show, so I hired Yunno as our new encoder (who is incidentally also in Chihiro) for this show. Any prejudice from him being in Chihiro aside, he showed me his encode of Letter Bee and it seems decent, so I guess it’s better than dropping I suppose. Apparantly he’s delayed because of “higher priority” stuff, probably something like warpsharped crap for Chihiro, but I’ve made sure that he won’t be using any crap like that on Letter Bee.

tl;dr: Show sucks, I’ve dropped it, but someone else wanted to help out, so it’s continuing abliet delays.

EDIT: This encoder just told me he happens to not use WarpSharp.

October 20, 2009

Asura Cryin’ Season 1

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I think I’ve explained it before, but I cbb checking, so here it is again.

Basically, we’re doing all of season 1 of this show in 480p (anything higher is upscaled), encoded from the BS11 (highest quality channel) transport streams along with CR subtitles, editted and typesetted.

Unfortunately BS11 was not available for episode 11, so we used Tokyo MX instead, but there should not be a huge quality difference.

Doing this mainly because the fansubs for season 1 weren’t all that great [Note: I am only talking about the subtitle text themselves, not the encoding]. Chihiro: no comment; AoT: alright-ish, but too weeaboo; FTP-A: Not even finished; AniYoshi: same; AniKat: Haven’t bothered checking because they were so slow.

Encoding wise, judging by the ji-hi comparisons, Chihiro is warpsharped like crazy, AoT is better, but is pretty artifacty, and most are 720p upscales.

October 18, 2009

White Album 16

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Raw is up on Nyaa and TT. Will be on bots shortly.

Recruiting a “general taking care of White Album” guy, which basically means that I provide you with the raw script from CR and the encode, then you shift it, shove in gg’s (or your own) OP/ED, make sure there’s no bleeds, typeset, etc, etc. (EDIT: Everything including and after shoving in OP/ED is optional. All you have to do is shift.)

If interested, highlight cryptw on #commie@irc.rizon.net

Shin Koihime Musou 02

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In other news, recruiting typesetter and encoder for White Album, because apparantly some people actually LIKE this, and they won’t like the treatment I’m gonna give it once school starts.

Also recruiting o9k editors and translators for Zan Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei (yes, we’re picking it back up).

October 15, 2009

White Album 15

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About the file size: I just did CRF 18 and it turned out like that
About the video quality: It means there’s no detail to begin with
About the anime: So boring I couldn’t bring myself to QC past the first 5 seconds.

Kanamemo 07

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blah blah more stuff from cryptw

Visit #commie@irc.rizon.net and say something. Fail guaranteed! 😀

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