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September 17, 2009

Saki 23

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DDL: http://demo.ovh.org/download/361f39e4e73a21ac68206825326ce4dd/%5BCommieRips%5D%20Saki%2023%20%5Bfc6c0853%5D.mkv

Too tired to blog at the moment.

Umm… notable things:

  • This week’s transport stream was capped from TVA
  • My eyes say the video quality is better. Your mileage may vary
  • I need to make a rant post on translation (or lackthereof) of mahjong terminology in subtitles
  • Oh and I bothered to move the subtitles so they aren’t covering the hands


  1. Thanks for your releases!

    Two things:
    – the Saki 22 DDL link is 404
    – sometimes, your subs contain unnecessary forced line breaks (\N); that’s a problem if you change the font size; the player (well, VSFilter and libass) can do line breaking on its own, taking the current font style in account

    Comment by Bernd — September 17, 2009 @ 23:11 | Reply

    • The site where I post the DDLs expire the links after 5 days.
      Here’s a re-upload: http://demo.ovh.org/download/35fb92ce5f78e6b43d15548750e5f4ba/%5BCommieRips%5D%20Saki%2023%20%5Bfc6c0853%5D.mkv
      The forced line breaks were there in the CrunchyRoll subs. I didn’t pay particular attention in Saki, but in Kanamemo, the line breaks were stategically very well placed to improve readability.

      Comment by cryptw — September 17, 2009 @ 23:14 | Reply

      • Why, thank you again for the re-upload.

        I for one don’t like those line breaks. Crunchyroll probably has them, because their Flash subtitle renderer is too dumb to do the linebreaks. At least in libass, there’s relatively clever code to break lines evenly. But it’s up to you, of course.

        Comment by Bernd — September 17, 2009 @ 23:20

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