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September 13, 2009


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So i see cryptw hasn’t got around to posting a welcome post so I’ll do it. Well, this is commiesubs/rips’s new blog as cryptw is tired of lumping all the different posts in one blog, be it fansubbing or his personal stuff. So, he made a new blog strictly for fansubbing bsns, and this is it! YAY LETS CELEBRATE!!! Or not. Well, you won’t find any new posts on releases on his old website http://www.cryptwizard.info now, but all the old releases are still there, so if you want all that old dusty videos of commiesubs animu, go visit his old site now! NAO! NOWWWW!!!!

PS I’m not sure why you’d be interested in old stuff. Anyway, thats my opinion! kthxbai.


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